End of the Fourth Age

Dark Ages - Dark Tides Rising 5

Downtime Continued

The session tonight consisted of continuing to run through Downtime Actions

Years Covered 1207 -1219
General Location – Transylvania/ Romania

Locations Visited/ Mentioned

Bistriz (Bistria)
Kronstadt (Brasov)
Klausenburg (Napoca)
• Mediasch (Medias)
• Muhlbach (Sebes)
• Hermanstadt (Sibiu)
Schaasburg (Sighisoara)
Balgrad (Alba Iulia)

Player Characters Involved

Count Vladmire Dragan Stanislav
Lord Kristóff Muntescu
Vandrich the Hunter

NPC’s Involved/ Met

Jared Fellblade
Mitru the Hunter

Other Notes from this session



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